Adamson Veterinary Services is recognized for its commitment to enhancing the health of our community’s pets by providing excellent patient care, delivering outstanding value, and embracing clinical innovations. We are known in our community for meeting the healthcare needs of our patients with thorough medical and surgical care along with our wellness and vaccine programs.

We are committed to continual growth and the addition of services to help pets stay healthy. With that in mind, in 2018 we added an after hour urgent and emergency care practice. Veterinary medicine is always evolving and striving to offer as much for our patients as human doctors can offer theirs.

Veterinary urgent care centers are a brand-new concept in veterinary medicine. There are only a few other centers in the United States making us part of a growing industry that serves patients that don’t need emergency room care. Urgent Care is medical care provided for illnesses or injuries which require prompt attention but are typically not of such seriousness as to require the services of an emergency room visit. Often clients wait until their veterinarian is open before taking their pet in to be seen. Many practices are closed on the weekend or close at noon and this means pets may wait the entire weekend for relief.

Things that make our practice unique:

  • Our day-time General Practice is open 7 days a week.
  • The General Practice is an appointment only, but we can see walk in emergencies if needed.
  • Our night-time After Hour Urgent and Emergency Care center is open 5 days a week (Friday through Tuesday, closed Wednesday and Thursday) and will see patients by appointment or as a walk in.
    • The new practice is primarily an Urgent Care practice that will see emergencies as needed. However, emergency care is not our primary function but seeing sick pets is our primary job. When you have a pet that is sick and needs to be seen, it isn’t always necessary to take them to the ER. But the owner is concerned that they should be seen as soon as possible.
    • People come to us because we are open, believe in providing quality medicine, have well trained staff, their veterinarians have recommended us, and urgent care is less expensive than emergency care.
    • But mostly, it just isn’t an emergency but just a sick pet that needs urgent care before morning.
    • But in all honesty, sometimes being open late also helps those owners that just can’t take off the next day from work and they are very concerned about their furry children.
  • We DO NOT have curbside service, instead we bring clients and patients into the hospital to be seen. If the exam rooms are full and we have limited space in the reception area, we may ask clients to wait in their cars until they can enter the building with their pets, assuming of course that it isn’t an emergency.
  • Although our day shift does not normally take walk in, our After Hour Urgent and Emergency Care Center will take walk in patients.
  • We can see other veterinary hospital patients on the day-shift General Practice if an appointment is available. We then send the clients back to their regular veterinarian for follow ups if needed.
  • We can see other veterinary hospital patients in the After Hour Urgent Care Center as a walk in or as an appointment. We then send the clients back to their regular veterinarian for follow up treatment or visits.
  • We are a multi-doctor practice that is constantly growing and serving our community.
  • We treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, as well as perform minor surgical procedures.
  • We have on-site diagnostic equipment, including phlebotomy, laboratory equipment, and imaging equipment.
  • We have multiple exam rooms that are large enough we can maintain social distancing.
  • We have a separate isolation ward for contagious patients.
  • We can perform sterile and non-sterile surgical procedures with general anesthesia or sedation.
  • We can see patients faster than an emergency room and provide reasonable and lower prices than a typical ER.
  • We will transfer patients to a 24-hour hospital or specialty center in the Akron area that need additional care or observation when we are closed.
  • We use the AVMA and AAHA ethical and business standards.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated staff whose primary function is to have the needs of the patient come first.
  • We are recognized by community leaders, industry leaders, and most importantly our clients as a technology and knowledge leader in veterinary medicine.
  • We are an evidence-based practice that provides medicine based on exams and tests to diagnose and treat diseases.
  • We are a patient centered practice; we provide our patients with the highest quality medical and surgical care. With a gentle touch and compassion, we try to ease pets’ fears and pain while performing annual exams and vaccines, medical or surgical procedures and end of life care.
  • The needs of our patients and clients come first. The only way these needs can be met is through communication, compassion, teamwork and partnership between the clients, medical staff and doctors.
  • At Adamson Veterinary Services it is our goal to make euthanasia a gentle and pain free experience. We assist the patient’s transition with kindness and respect for the patient and the family.
  • We believe in the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment to our patients, clients, and employees. We will continue to nurture and maximize the hospital team's talent and education to benefit the clients, patients and our community.
  • We will strive to serve our community, patients, and clients by offering the best progressive, preventive, medical, and surgical care and after hour emergency service available in our area.
  • We are one of the largest hospitals in our area. With three doctors on staff, all sick patients can be seen the either same day or within a few days based appointment availability.
  • We are conveniently located on one of the primary roads that runs from Chippewa to Akron.
  • We have competent and efficient service for patients and their owners.
  • The General Practice and the Urgent Care offer more choices than a traditional emergency room, allowing clients to tailor their pet’s care based on their budget.
  • We have an in-house laboratory and imaging suite that allows us to obtain immediate results on most tests, where other veterinarians must send these to an outside lab. Our imaging suite is all digital and we can download and send these images with the client for their veterinarian’s records.
  • The urgent care and emergency service is paper light and all records and lab results can be provided to the client and their veterinarian when the patient is discharged.
  • County dog pound, North Easter Ohio Lab Rescue Group, Forever Safe Farm, and the Humane Society of Columbiana County to provide medical, surgical and preventative care of the pets in their facilities. We work hard to help these groups so they will be able to provide care for those pets that were abandoned, discarded or abused while they await new owners (their "forever homes").
  • We support local charity events and attend fund-raisers to promote our team and services whenever possible.
  • We are known for the quality of our client education and show our clients that their pets are as dear as children in our eyes.
  • We work with health insurance policies to ensure that client’s get reimbursed for the bills they submit to the insurance agencies.

We are here to serve the four-footed children and families of our community.

Company Philosophy

We base our hospital philosophy on "the needs of the patient come first". In our case our patients are pets with owners. In many cases pets are considered children in their owner's eyes. That makes them parents, which in turn makes us pediatricians with a special calling to care for furry children that can't talk or show us where they hurt.

What do we mean when we state that “the needs of the patient come first”?

  • The entire staff and doctors share the same mission, and all are focused on the making the patient better.
  • It is our desire to provide our patients with exceptional care with compassion and respect. We take personal responsibility for directing patient care over time in partnership with their owners while offering the best possible service. We provide whole patient care which includes pets and educating their family (owners).
  • Exceptional care comes from better client service and education. Better care doesn’t come from implementing the use of new equipment or new medicine – it comes from caregivers paying closer attention to what they are doing, using what they already know to design better ways of treating patients, and putting systems in place so that people actually understand what is needed so we can work with them to provide better medicine.
  • We are a patient centered practice where same day or next day appointments are offered. Our clients are our friends as well as our customers and we value their continued trust and goodwill. Courtesy and patience with clients and their pets are our priorities. An attitude of “We are glad you are here” must be conveyed to each and every client.
  • The only way the needs of the patient can be met is through communication, compassion, teamwork and partnership between the client, staff and doctors. This communication with the client is important when determining the needs and treatment of the patient. Listening to the client, asking questions, listening again, and asking more questions allows us to summarize the concerns of the client, determine the symptoms of the patient, and determine the course of tests and treatments.
  • Providing compassion and understanding for end-of-life care and euthanasia. Allowing the client to express their grief and offer them emotional support.
  • Managing the cost of services. Cost of medicine and services have always been an issue. We are not like human hospitals that can bill insurance for medical care. Our clients must pay up front. We try to work within their budget and explain costs, options, and expected outcome based on the services and products provided.

We will continue to serve our community, our patients, and our clients by offering excellent preventive care, medical care, surgical care and after hour emergency service available in our area. We pride ourselves on offering gentle loving care and support to our clients and their furry children. Our goals continue to evolve and the basis of all our goals is to exceed their expectations and provided the best care we possibly can.

Services and Staff

The practice employs three full-time doctors, two practice managers (one per company) and 28 support staff. Between them, there is a total of thirty years of experience; the average tenure is five years. We are associated with two veterinary referral centers in the nearby community of Akron. Our veterinary practice provides full comprehensive medical care (sick, urgent, emergency, and routine), preventative medicine, internal medicine, orthopedic medicine, cardiac medicine, routine and non-routine surgery procedures, dentistry (cleaning and extractions), out-patient and critical or sick care for dogs and cats, daytime and after hour urgent and emergency care.

Low-cost cremation services have been negotiated and are provided by two separate companies specializing in them.

Diagnostic services include radiology, ultrasonography, blood analysis (chemistry analysis, complete blood cell counts, and coagulation profile analysis), microscopy analysis, urinalysis, culture and sensitivity tests, outside laboratory tests and other minor lab tests to identify specific diseases or conditions.

We have negotiated low-cost spay and neuter programs for three local shelters in the area. We have provided the after-hour phone numbers to the local police departments, fire departments, and Salem hospital for pet emergencies. We are working with Salem hospital to coordinate emergency care of pets during local disasters. We provide medical care and drug-dog emergency treatment classes for a local police officers with police dogs. We coordinate with our clients any medical care that their pet may need while it is boarding in one of the local boarding facilities.

Our professional fees are competitive with the surrounding veterinary practices and are based on the American Animal Hospital Association’s survey for the Midwest region. Our professional fees for the after-hour service are competitive with the surrounding emergency services and allow clients to afford more services and treatment for their pets.

After Hour Urgent or Emergency care is expensive regardless of whether for people or animals. Salaries and medical equipment are significantly more expensive than non-emergent care, so income must be high enough to cover these expenses, just like in any other business.

We pride ourselves in creative management of staff and resources, compassionate patient care, excellent client service, and being there when our clients need us. This has set us apart from the other veterinary hospitals in our area, and it has shown in the growth of our day-time veterinary hospital and our current after-hours emergency services.

  • We are consistently staffed for the weekend urgent and emergency care hours.
  • We provide top quality care
  • We provide clear communication with referring DVMs/colleagues regarding services provided and care of their patients.
  • We make sure the referring DVM understands clients will be returned to them.
  • We offer affordable pricing.
  • The Urgent and Emergency Care Center will be open Friday Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from close of the day-time General Practice until midnight (NOT including any holidays that fall on these days).
  • We show potential clients there is a valuable service available to them within a reasonable distance.

Emergency Services we will offer will be:

  • Minor emergency medical and surgical services to populations in surrounding counties.
  • “Referral” base to local veterinarians who would like patients seen after they close and return to them the next morning.
  • After hour euthanasia service
  • Stabilization of the client’s pet until they can transfer back to the referral DVM in the morning or transferred to a 24 hour hospital.
  • Source of information on whether their pet should be seen immediately or wait for their veterinarian the next day.
  • Offer care to rescue groups, local dog warden, police, fire department, and other community organizations that may need to help pets after hours.

Our client communication and customer services set us apart from the other emergency services in that we don’t require a large deposit when they walk in the door before the pets are seen. However, they must pay for all services, medical care, and treatment at discharge.