Thank you so much…
Posted on July, 7 2015 by Kim K.

Just wanted to thank the whole family at Adamson! We lost our beloved little dog on New Year’s Eve this past year. It is just now getting easier to talk about. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Dec. 10th. Dr. Boyce took care of her through the whole ordeal, supplying pain meds to make her more comfortable & we appreciated her kindness & concern! Boo was a very special part of our family for almost 12 years and when it was time to say goodbye, Dr. Brooks helped us take the journey. All of the staff are wonderful. Thank you so much!

We appreciate and want to thank them…
Posted on October, 13 2014 by Rick & Lyndel B.

We highly recommend the staff at Adamson Veterinary Services, from the moment you come in the door until you leave everyone is so professional and caring and you know your pet is getting the best care. We’ve never felt like they were too busy or bothered, they take the best care of your pet and you. We appreciate and want to thank them for providing such excellent care for our pet family members.

I would like to say thank you…
Posted on October, 07 2014 by Sharon P.

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Boyce for all the caring and support she provided to our Bud. We came to her from another vet who had said just take him home and let him die. She worked with us and we had him to love for almost 2 years. He is now gone but we will always be so grateful for the way Dr. Boyce and her staff took care of him and the help provided in letting him pass with the dignity that he deserved. We have 2 other cats who will always be patients here with Dr. Boyce.

I can not say enough…
Posted on June, 12 2013 by Leslie T.

Dr. Boyce could not have been more caring and compassionate towards us and our furry friend. We ultimately lost our cat to illness, but she helped him fight until he couldn’t anymore. She was there with us every step of the way and was so incredibly helpful and supportive even after hours. I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Boyce and Adamson Veterinary Services.

“I just wanted to give a Shout Out…”
Posted on February, 11 2013 by Diane G.

On January 28th, 2013 we brought our dog Riley to Adamson Veternary Clinic…she was a very sick puppy. We were greeted by Dr. Boyce. She was a sweetheart and she ran all kinds of tests on Riley to try to determine what her issue were. We went back on Tuesday and back of Friday…On Friday she gave us bad news that Riley would need a blood transfusion or we could try steroids. She gave us her opinion and what she would do and we went to Fairlawn to the Animal Hospital. Riley did have a blood transfusion and is on her way to feeling better. I just wanted to give a Shout Out to all the staff at the Adamson Vet. Everyone was great and I’m sure we will be seeing you guys again. Thanks Dave and Diane

A Special Thank You!
Posted on January, 04 2012 by Becky Jones-Evans

Emma took her last breath @ 6:15am. She had a reaction 2 the ibuprofen which caused her 2 hemorage from her bowels. Very special thanks 2 my neighbor, @Becky Jones Evans for her fast reaction in helping me keep Emma stimulated & taking me 2 Adamsons Vet Clinic in the middle of the night. And to Dr. Alicia Boyce & her remarkable husband, Ryan for working SO HARD for 6 straight hours on Emma. God has now taken 2 dogs from us in 2 short months! Emma turned 5 months old yesterday. Thank you all for ur love & concern. I wont have much 2 say for awhile…