Massage – massage helps the muscles feel less painful and increases circulation. Massage can be done once or twice a day depending on how painful patient is. The more painful the patient, the more often the massage is required. Listed below are the usual massage techniques used and in the recommended order.

Stroking: – 2 – 3 minutes

  • Use at the beginning and at the end of the massage
  • Stroking is usually applied from the top of each limb and stroke downwards towards the end of the foot.
  • Begin at the top of the head and stroke backwards toward the tail.
  • Place entire hand in contact with the skin
  • Maintain a gentle but firm pressure.

Effleurage – 2 – 3 minutes

  • Following initial stroking – increase pressure (medium pressure) but begin at the toes and move upwards toward the body and from tail upwards towards head.

Compression 4 – 5 minutes

  • Begin at toes and work towards the body, when limbs are done, begin at head and work down back.
  • Make full contact with the skin and apply even pressure to skin into superficial tissues (muscles).
  • Make a sweeping movement to the top of the area, molding to the contours and maintaining the same depth of pressure throughout the stroke. Remember Do Not cause undue pain or discomfort.
  • Finish the stroke over the lymph nodes or to the nearest body part. Lymph nodes can be found in groin region, armpits, under jaw, at base of spine near hips and between shoulder and neck.
  • Bring the hands towards you as you work, using the heel of your hand.
  • Overlapping strokes are used, continuing until the entire body is covered.

Finish massage with gentle stroking – patient should be very relaxed and sleepy.