Hospital philosophy

We base our hospital philosophy on “the needs of the patient come first”.  Our furry patients are considered children in their owner’s eyes. That makes them parents, which in turn makes us pediatricians with a special calling to care for furry children that can’t talk or show us where they hurt.

The needs of the patient come first!

The entire staff and doctors share the same mission, and all are focused on the making the patient better.  We take personal responsibility for directing patient care over time in partnership with their owners.  Exceptional care comes from better client service and client education.  Our doctors and staff work to design better ways to treat the patients, therefore providing better medicine.

Patient centered practice

  • We are a patient centered practice where same day or next day appointments are offered. Courtesy and patience with clients and their pets are our priorities. An attitude of “We are glad you are here” must be conveyed to each client.
  • The only way the needs of the patient can be met is through communication, compassion, teamwork and partnership between the client, staff and doctors.
  • Communication with clients is important to determine the needs and treatment of the patient.
  • Listening is an important skill.  We listen to the client, ask questions, listen to the answers and ask more questions to help us understand the concerns of the client, determine the symptoms of the patient, and determine the course of tests and treatments.

Compassion for end of life care

  • Providing compassion and understanding for end of life care and euthanasia. Allowing the client to express their grief and offer them emotional support.

Cost of services

  • Cost of medicine and services have always been an issue in veterinary medicine. We are not like human hospitals that can bill insurance for medical care. Our clients must pay up front. We try to work within their budget and explain costs, options, and expected outcome based on the services and products provided.
  • All services and treatments must be paid for at the end of the visit.  We do not provide payment plans.

Serving our community

We will continue to serve our community, our patients, and our clients by offering excellent preventive care, medical care, surgical care and after hour emergency service available in our area. We pride ourselves on offering gentle loving care and support to our clients and their furry children. Our goals continue to evolve and the basis of all our goals is to exceed their expectations and provided the best care we possibly can.