Urgent Service Salem, OH

The ER will treat any patient from any veterinarian and refer them back to their vet for follow-ups with copies of records, labs and radio-graphs. We educate all clients and make sure they understand the pet’s problems, treatments, and prognosis. Our job is to work in partnership with their veterinarian, to provide them with the best care.

Our payment plans are provided by CareCredit and ScratchPay. We don’t offer payment plans through our hospital. We accept most credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash. We do not accept checks on the Urgent Care. All medical care and treatments must be paid for at patient discharge.

Services Offered:
Anesthesia, Consultations, Diagnostics, Dietary Counseling, Urgent Cares, Emergencies, preventative care, Surgery, Radiology, In-House Lab.

About Our Services Offered:

  • Adamson Urgent Care Center can offer more choices than a traditional emergency room, allowing clients to tailor their pet’s care based on their budget. We can see other veterinary hospital patients in the After Hour Urgent Care Center as a walk in or as an appointment.
  • We provide minor emergency care for cats and dogs that don't require intensive care or constant monitoring.
  • We treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, as well as perform minor surgical procedures.
  • We have multiple exam rooms that are large enough we can maintain social distancing.
  • We have a separate isolation ward for contagious patients.
  • We can perform sterile and non-sterile surgical procedures with general anesthesia or sedation.
  • We can provide reasonable and lower prices than a typical ER.
  • We will transfer patients to a 24-hour hospital or specialty center in the Akron area that need additional care or observation when we are closed.
  • We use the AVMA and AAHA ethical and business standards.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated staff whose primary function is to have the needs of the patient come first. Please note, that does not always mean at a cheap price.
  • We have on-site diagnostic equipment, including phlebotomy, laboratory equipment, and imaging equipment. This allows us to obtain immediate results on most tests, where other veterinarians must send these to an outside lab. Our imaging suite is all digital and we can download and send these images with the client for their veterinarian’s records.
  • The urgent care and emergency service is paper light, and all records and lab results can be provided to the client and their veterinarian when the patient is discharged.
  • We ARE NOT a 24-hour facility. If a patient needs constant monitoring or care we will recommend transfer to a 24-hour facility.
  • We will perform minor and intermediate level surgery on patients that do not need to be at a 24-hour care facility.
  • We are consistently staffed for the weekend urgent and minor emergency care hours up through midnight.
  • We have experienced staff and veterinarians that provide quality medical care to our patients
  • We provide medical care for minor emergencies and transfer or refer major emergency cases out to a 24-hour emergency room or specialty center
  • We will stabilize major emergency cases if possible and have owner transfer to a 24-hour service.
  • We will provide euthanasia services in a caring and compassionate manner when needed. However, we will not perform "convenient" euthanasia to clients that no longer want their pet and there is no medical reason to euthanasia them.
  • We provide clear communication with referring DVMs/colleagues regarding services provided and care of their patients.
  • We make sure the referring DVM understands clients will be returned to them. Our job is to work in partnership with their veterinarian, to provide them with the best care.
  • We have an in-house laboratory to perform most lab tests
  • We have digital imaging ability and can send copies of x-rays home with clients
  • We have an in-house pharmacy that allows most clients to leave with medication for their pet.
  • We offer affordable pricing. For the client's convivence and planning, we provide estimates on diagnostic and treatment plans before proceeding.
  • We DO NOT offer payment plans.
  • We will accept all major credit cards, cash, debit cards, Scratch Pay, and Care Credit.
  • We DO NOT accept checks for the after-hour services, but a debit card will be acceptable.
  • The Urgent and Emergency Care Center will be open Friday Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from close of the day-time General Practice until midnight, with the last appointment taken no later than 11pm.
  • We are closed the following holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.