Adamson Veterinary Services began its journey in November of 1984. Founder and former owner Dr. Daniel Adamson, along with his wife Cathy, opened the small animal practice, and made it their home. Cathy a former registered nurse managed the practice, doing all the paperwork, by hand as computers were not available at the time. They maintained an apartment on the second floor of the hospital for many years before they moved to their new home several years later.

Dr. Adamson was a 1980 Graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary medicine. In the very beginning of the practice, he not only did small animal medicine but would also travel to local farms to treat large animals too. After, a couple of years, he focused only on small animal medicine. The practice focused on general medicine, vaccines, small surgeries, and most testing was outsourced to labs. The practice started out small, with a lobby, 1 exam room, and a small surgical suite.

After 20 years of building his practice, he began to outgrow his working space. He began adding onto the practice, and the state-of-the-art addition was completed in 2004. Housing three exam rooms, a large waiting/reception area, large surgical suite, treatment area, x-ray, in house testing, and numerous kennels, to comfortably house our four-footed guests.

Dr. Vickey Brooks was hired as an associate veterinarian in 2004 doing only small animal medicine and surgery. Dr. Brooks served in the U.S. Army in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. She was a member of the last company of the Women’s Army Corp prior to its merging into a co-ed organization becoming the U.S. Army Corp. She attended three universities in her pursuit of an advanced degree in Biology and education and graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from Mary Washington College in 1992. She taught high school biology and math for a few years then became a research scientist with the International Crane Foundation and Patuxent wildlife research center. She started her career in veterinary medicine in 1993 as a Veterinary Technician. She tested for and obtained her associate degree as a licensed technician in Maryland and Virginia in 1995. From 1997 until 1999 she worked as a hospital manager running five Banfield hospitals in Maryland and Virginia prior to returning to college to obtain her DVM. In 1999 she attended Ross University of Veterinary Medicine and Purdue Veterinary Medicine College and obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 2003

Dr. Brooks worked for Dr. Adamson until she purchased the practice in 2009. She created a new company titled Catapuss Veterinary Services, LLC (named after her geriatric cat) but kept the name of the practice as Adamson Veterinary Services.

She added multiple services and hired two more veterinarians and additional staff to service the community and an increasing patient load. In 2013 Dr. Brooks began offering daytime emergency and urgent care services for other veterinary hospitals in the area.

When you are working in veterinary medicine new knowledge, new equipment and the development of more advanced skills provide the opportunity for constant improvements and change. Change is good for it keeps us on our toes and our mind sharp. So, keeping this in mind, four years after purchasing the practice it became apparent that the modern hospital that Dr. Adamson built would not be big enough for all the clients, patients, community and services that we provide. So, with a conviction that change was needed, Dr. Brooks sought the input and help from the staff, local architects and construction crew to create a design for a new hospital and major renovations finished in 2016.

Once renovations were completed, Dr. Brooks applied for and was accepted as an AAHA certified hospital.

In 2017 all after hour emergency on-call services were discontinued and in early 2018 we opened an after hour Urgent and Emergency Care Center that is open from close of the general practice (either 4pm or 5pm) until midnight. Since the opening of the Urgent Care Center the practice has continue to grow and is now looking to hire more veterinarians and support staff.